Dark tales of Seville


Let's go off the beaten paths by night during a travel in time living the dark legends and stories of Seville.


The question is: Will you be able to tell which stories are true and which ones are legends???



- Guide

- Drink in a non typical bar! (typical bar with kids -16yo and on Sundays and Mondays )



- 2h00

- Night Walk: summer time: 22h00-00h30/Winter Time: 20h-22h00

- Meeting point: Iglesia San Pedro



Adult*: 30€

kid -14yo: 20€

Kid -7yo: free

*Discount from 4 Adults



The story telling is adapted to children.

This is an activity that families tend to appreciate a lot, however, this is the parents responsibility to be the judge of their children sensiblity.